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Fan fictions
Wrote a fan fic about Hannah, Calvin or Frankie? Then send them in. But please try to make Hannah, Calvin or Frankie the main characters as this site is about them.


Best friends? by Hanfan (me)
S club 8 performed their latest single Fool no more on Cd:uk and now they were heading towards S club 8 flat.
They started to watch tv. Aaron, Frankie, Hannah and Calvin were sitting on one sofa.
Stacey and Jay were on an armchair. Rochelle was sitting on a chair and Daisy was sitting on the floor in front of Calvin.
The film was Scary so now and then Hannah would cuddle into Calvin and Frankie would cuddle into Aaron.
Daisy started to give Hannah evil looks.
But Hannah didn't realise this as she was so into the movie.
"I'm going to go to bed" Daisy said.
"Wait up Daze, I'm coming too" Stacey said. They left.
They carried on watching the tv until Sally told them to go to bed.
Hannah, Frankie and Rochelle all went to bed.
Next morning they all woke up late.
It was their tutor day today.
They had to work in two's.
"Hey Daze can I work with you" Hannah asked.
"I was going to ask C..." Daisy started. "I'll work with you Han" Calvin said.
Hannah smiled at him.
Daisy went quiet dissappointed.
"You can work with me if you want" Rochelle said.
"Whatever" Daisy said joining her.
Aaron and Frankie worked together and Jay and Stacey worked together.
"You look really nice today Franx" Aaron said.
"Thanks Aaron. You're really sweet!" Frankie said.
"Not as sweet as you" Aaron said going red.
Frankie smiled at him.
Hannah and Calvin in the other corner were laughing their head off.
Calvin was pulling silly faces.
"Calvin stop it" Hannah was telling him through all the laugher.
Daisy was watching them closely. Hannah who noticed this started working quietly. Calvin was confused why Hannah suddenly went quiet but he just joined her.
"Aww they look so sweet together" Frankie said.
"Yeah, like we would" Aaron whispered.
"What did you say?" Frankie asked desperate to hear it again.
"Oh nothing" Aaron said. "Yes you did you said something. What was it?" Frankie asked.
"Well..." Aaron said but Jo their tutor Jo cut off.
"Be quiet and start working" she said....

To be continued...